Nvisionit Financial Solutions was started in 2002 as a privately held Texas company, headquartered in Dallas, TX. As Founder and CEO I have appeared on numerous Radio, Television and Newspapers throughout Dallas and have taught thousands of individuals the basic foundation for achieving success. Through many seminars, workshops and classes in community colleges, I’ve relentlessly taught and pursued avenues that would help the average person to change their lives. My clients include low wage earners, school teachers, medical workers, attorneys, doctors etc. Working with ITIN recipients and struggling families I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter what position a person is in, or what country he or she comes from, they still need to be successful. High taxes, staggering debt, inflation and high expenses are draining away people’s income and unfortunately, our schools, government and financial institutions are simply not doing enough to help. I realize that coming from a foreign country with no formal education is not enough reason for one to stay poor. America is a great country with lots of resources to help those who want help. All one has to do is seek it out and be willing to be coach-able.

Certificate of Entrepreneurship – Southern Methodist University Presented with this certificate in 2005 for participating in the Program entitled Starting a Business, a course of study designed to improve managerial effectiveness, leadership and entrepreneurial skills

Growing from Regional Director to Executive Director and now Executive Vice President, since 1997 I have been working with myEcon to educate, motivate and train thousands of individuals in the area of personal finances. Achieving top level awards in the company has given me input into the day to day decision making processes that affects thousands of hard working individuals. MyEcon is grounded in the foundation of helping Associates attain personal financial success. Financial success is attained by generating enough cash flow/income during our working years to support our lifestyle and simultaneously investing enough money to build adequate assets to generate sufficient income to support our lifestyle during retirement. Millions of people are not accomplishing both of these objectives because they have limited income and lose too much money to taxes, debt and expenses. Our system was designed to help many people overcome these obstacles.

Nominated as President of a Dallas chapter after only 9 months of membership, BNI is the largest business networking institution in the world. We offer members the opportunity to share ideas, contacts and most importantly, business referrals. The philosophy of this organization is built upon the idea of “Givers Gain”: By giving business to others, you will get business in return. This is predicated on the age-old idea of “What goes around comes around.”

I started this organization with a business partner to help minority and Immigrant business owners to network together to help each other’s business grow. Meeting at three locations in Dallas, Plano and Frisco, the organization grew to over 250 members that met weekly in a controlled meeting environment to help each other.

Joining this organization and receiving this award was very special because it gave me a platform to reach many more people throughout the United States. NATP is a nonprofit professional association founded in 1979. There are more than 20,000 members who are a diverse group of tax professionals that include individual tax preparers, enrolled agents, certified public accountants, accountants, attorneys, and financial planners. We work in offices that assist over 11 million taxpayers with tax preparation and planning.

For 10 years I’ve participated in this charity along with my son to promote male involvement, education, outreach and advocacy on food resource, healthy eating, healthcare and public policies on these issues. The recipient of Best Booth for over 7 years has made me very proud to be selected by my Peers and other media members to represent Men helping their families all over America. Real Men Charities is a national crusade to positively change the way the world views men in relationship to their families and the community. The crusade includes events, which take place all on the same day, Father’s Day in over 12 major cities in the USA.

Selected an Executive Board member of DFW International, we are a network of over 1,600 internationally-focused civic, community and educational organizations in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metro-plex that embodies the cultural and economic vibrancy of the global community. Our Mission is to build mutual understanding and respect by linking diverse international cultural communities in North Texas.

As a professional coach I have the opportunity to change lives and help people achieve their dreams, create a lasting legacy for their family and make a difference in the world. Through my coaching I’m constantly empowering, mentoring, encouraging and motivating clients to identify goals and objectives, develop plans and continue on their path toward self-improvement, balance and achievement.